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Diana FuscoDiana Fusco

Diana is a post-doctoral researcher at UC Berkeley in the Hallatschek lab, where she studies how microbes evolve to acquire resistance to antibiotics. When she is not in the lab killing billions of bacteria, you'll probably find her hiking in the East Bay, gardening, or simply enjoying a good novel.



Luis Ruiz Pestana Luis Ruiz Pestana

Luis is a postdoc at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, working with Teresa Head-Gordon. He uses molecular simulation techniques to study a variety of problems ranging from radioactive ion exchange in clays, to how chemical reactions are affected by nanoconfinement, or how amyloids aggregate into fibrils. Luis enjoys hiking, playing soccer, the wine region, and teaching 2nd graders about sound! .


Marie-Cecilia Duvernoy Marie-Cecilia Duvernoy

Marie-Cécilia is a postdoc at UC Berkeley in the Hallatscheck lab. She is interested in the mechanical forces developed within a microbial community. If it was a good excuse for her to blow up bacteria with a laser during her PhD, she now confines yeast cells inside microchambers and sees what happens to them. Recruited by Diana in the LHAADS adventure, she is having an awesome time organizing LHAADS as well as doing science, or sailing in the Bay, or enjoying the nice Californian weather, or taking pictures, hiking, reading... many things in fact! .


QinQin Yu

QinQin is a second year physics graduate student doing biophysics research on the evolution of self-organizing microbial populations. She loves to engage with undergraduates and high school students interested in STEM research through organizations like the UC Berkeley Society of Women in the Physical Sciences. She is also interested in hands-on STEM education initiatives and spent a year working with the university program Kepler in Rwanda to develop a low-cost engineering teaching lab.




Vincent Su

Vincent Su is a first year PhD student from Houston, Texas. He's enjoying his time here because Physics is what he finds fascinating and draws him to study science! In his free time, he enjoys ultimate frisbee, breakdancing, and photography.



Elena Lichtenthaler

Elena is a visiting PhD student analyzing China’s food security policies. She is an avid advocate for science communication and always interested in connecting research with the outside academia world. Elena enjoys singing, playing improv and traveling by bicycle, last from Florida to Berkeley.


Martin Lichtenthaler

Martin joined the Arnold group at UC Berkeley as a DFG Fellow in 2017. His research interests are group 4, 5 and f-block chemistry. Beyond communicating his findings to the general public, Martin enjoys traveling (e.g. sailing across the Atlantic Ocean), playing the violin as well as practicing Judo and improv.