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The ATIS team has moved on to pursue new adventures. Thank you to everyone who participated in our events and supported us through the years.


Our Mission


In the rush of getting results, wrapping up papers and meeting deadlines, it’s easy to forget what drew us to science and why we enjoy doing it. The ATIS program has the dual goal of re-energizing scientists by reminding us how exciting and thrilling science is and addressing human aspects of scientists lives in order to get the most out of a challenging career.


What do we do?

Every scientist has moments that remind him or her of how awesome science is. Beside those precious occasions, a career in science can be extremely challenging, and the initial enthusiasm can be overwhelmed by stress and periodic disappointment. Furthermore, the difficulties that scientists face, from professional uncertainty to emotional exhaustion, are too often left unvoiced, while addressing them is crucial to the development and well-being of scientists.

This program provides a platform to excite and inspire scientists from a broad range of disciplines with the hope of increasing overall happiness in the scientific community. The program also aims at training scientists to foster a supportive and nurturing environment. Our approach is two-pronged: we encourage scientists to discuss topics that are frequently tabooed or misrepresented in the academic community and organize events that aim to reignite scientist’s enthusiasm for science.